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Welcome to Jura Tools

An engineer and musician JURA, founded Diaset in 2003. His love for art in all forms led him to rediscover a unique diamond setting technique called Micro Pavé. His thought process as an engineer combined with his need for artistic expression expounded into some of the world's most advanced Micro Pavé Diamond Setting.

JURA's attention to detail and desire to produce work that is truly top quality guided him in creating his own unique Diamond Setting Technique that is up most efficient and results in true perfection. JURA Custom made Heritage Jewellery and Design represent Perfection in the most Pure form. The Elegancy and Simplicity of his work hides Genius Complexity and High-end Craftsmanship!

JURA stands for innovation. New ideas rise up from challenges Jura has to face during his own work. JURA Tools implemented out-of-the-box thinking with innovative solutions, latest technology and engineering. Designed and developed by the Master himself to share with his fellow Craftsman all over the world!

JURA has founded his own Training Center to give Designers and Diamond Setters all over the world the opportunity to rediscover the possibilities of Micro Pavé Diamond Setting and share his efficient methods with his fellow craftsmen.

The advanced Tools and techniques invented by JURA will increase your capabilities in Diamond Setting. Jura will introduce a new way of approaching this fine craftsmanship and show you how to work more efficient, clean, precise and ergonomic!

Upon completing this Diamond Setting Training and using JURA Tools, you can enjoy the personal satisfaction and visible rewards of advanced Diamond Setting and other special skills. You'll save years of expensive Training and achieve maximum results.

Years of experience of the master himself combined with his eye for perfection and high-end engineering will guarantee you Jewelry, Knowledge and Equipment based on the latest development and innovation.

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